Through our Eyes - an exhibit of Maasai and Samburu photographers

Monday, May 24, 2010

Photographs by Maasai and Samburu photographers of Kenya will be displayed in the Morgan Library from March 26 – May 24. Taken by first-time photographers from Maasai (southern Kenya) and Samburu (northern Kenya) communities, these photographs illustrate how local photographers perceive their natural environments and their societies in transition in the midst of the worst drought in living memory. The photos were taken between July and November 2009 with an eclectic array of donated film and digital cameras, processed in Kenya, and none was enhanced.

This exhibit is the product of two projects funded by the Center for Collaborative Conservation at Colorado State University. Both projects adopted the Photovoice method that combines documentary photography with storytelling to highlight community issues from an insider's perspective and communicate local perceptions and knowledge to external audiences. The exhibit is associated to a film co-produced by Lindsay Simpson and Joana Roque de Pinho that documents the project in southern Kenya.

Joana Roque de Pinho and Adam Beh are both Fellows at the Center for Collaborative for Conservation and decided to combine their respective participatory photography projects into this exhibit. Lindsay Simpson is a student in the CSU Technical Journalism and Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Departments as well as an intern working with Roque de Pinho to direct and produce the documentary that you can preview here.

You can meet the Kenyan photographers and watch their stories here. In southern Kenya, at the outset of the project, the photographers organized themselves into an association, the Maasai Photographers for Conservation. Come and learn more about this on-going project and their work!

The imaging and printing in Roque de Pinho's project were supported by Hewlett Packard, Fort Collins.